Furnace Maintenance and Repair Services

Carrier-BBBWhen you’re in need of furnace maintenance, repair, or installation services, we’re the team to trust! Our experts are highly trained and are qualified to be able to address any heating concerns or issues you may be experiencing. Professional maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected repairs, but if you’re already experiencing problems with your heating system, now is the time to call. Furnace issues will only get worse with time, so the sooner you call, the easier the issue will be to address, and the cheaper it will be for you. To schedule heater repair or maintenance, contact our team today!

Why Does My Heating System Need To Be Replaced?

The #1 reason to have your furnace inspected annually is to verify the heat exchanger is not cracked. A cracked heat exchanger will omit Carbon Monoxide; this is a gas that is undetectable by smell and is deadly.

We are the leading choice for top of the line heating and cooling products, as well as furnace installation and replacement services. If you feel like you’re continually paying more than you should on heating costs, and you aren’t getting consistent warm air, our specialist can help determine if equipment replacement is necessary or if it could be another issue such as the ducting ventilation. The benefits of upgrading your heating system are:

  • Lower utility costs – New systems have very high energy efficiency standards, so when you upgrade or replace your current unit with a new model, you will use significantly less energy.
  • A higher quality of indoor air – Today’s furnaces provide much more consistent, even heating. Newer systems also offer superior humidity control and contaminant removal, so your indoor air quality will be improved.
  • A properly sized system – Our experts will work hard to find you the heating system with the capacity you’re in need of for your square footage. Most people assume a system that is too small will be ineffective and inefficient, but a system that is too large has just as many negative effects.

A complete maintenance inspection of your furnace will also insure the equipment is functioning efficiently. We will inspect the filter, belt, motor, heat exchanger, etc. This helps to address issues before you are actually without heat.

We all want to keep our homes warm & safe.

Would you like us to service/inspect your furnace? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!